Power your game with data analytics & marketing
by LGG

Strategy and Analysis

The gaming market is constantly changing. In order to be able to function and develop, need up-to-date and reliable data as well as effective development strategies adapted to their capabilities.

Game Developments

We will advise you on how to design game designs that will be loved by users over the long term and will not end up being a short-term hit, plus strategies to increase user loyalty and build a fan community.


We can effectively assist you in planning and implementing your marketing and PR activities. Our in-depth knowledge of user behavior and preferences enables you to implement precisely targeted measures.

Who We Are

We provide product design & marketing solutions

Our Mission

For the healthy development of the game industry, to create an environment in which it is easy to select truly interesting games from among the many available.

Our Vision

We will quickly identify games with truly high quality and maximize the value of the entertainment experience to be delivered to users.

Working Process

How it works

We have developed a unique system that allows us to quickly identify what the latest titles trending in the Game market are.

In addition, by actually playing a number of games with professional gamers, we have accumulated the know-how of what kind of game designs are in demand in the rapidly trending game industry.

We have accumulated know-how on what kind of game design is required in the rapidly trending game industry.

Analyse the Data

Early discovery of quality games through the system and analysis of market data.

Step 1

Designing Games

Based on the data, we provide game designs that are in demand in the market today.

Step 2

Marketing Support

Information deployment through various media, including LGG-owned game fan communities.

Step 3

Our Consulting

What We Do

Why is Data important?

With several competing titles and platforms, and billions of gamers with different playing habits, success in the gaming industry requires in-depth market data.

LCA GAME GUILD maximizes the use of its proprietary market data to provide tailor-made services to companies challenging the largest entertainment industry.

What Do Game Consultants Do?

LGG’s game consultants are knowledgeable about the gaming market and can advise on what games are popular, which platforms are most successful, and what business strategies can make games more successful.

In addition, game consultants are involved in the development process and design, and may provide feedback and suggestions for game improvements.

What is Marketing Support?

We provide marketing support to game developers to acquire game users and increase user loyalty.

We offer a tailor-made approach to all aspects of monetization, including content creation, advertising, influencer recruitment, and game community design and management for spreading on SNS.

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